30th April 2021

IDEC's Smart RFID Reader

IDEC's Smart RFID Reader

Are you wanting to make your production sites safer, keep track of who is entering and exiting your site and which employees are accessing equipment and machinery? Then look no further, IDEC have recently launched their Smart RFID Reader which has been designed to manage user authority for machines and equipment as well as controlling and tracking access to production sites. The RFID Reader is an ideal solution for applications such machine tool control units, automotive production, access control, food and packaging production and factory automation.

KW2D Unit

The RFID Reader provides a compact, smart and stylish design offering a panel cut out size of 22mm that can be IP65 or IP67 rated to protect from washdowns and oil spills. It is equipped with 4 LED indicators and an auxiliary buzzer to show when access has been granted or when there is an error and access cannot be granted.

The RFID Reader provides the utmost safety to production sites because employee ID cards are used to access the sites and the data from the ID cards is recorded on a host device to track entry/exit helping reduce the chance of unnecessary accidents if used correctly. It also logs the number of employees on the production site so they can all be accounted for and located quickly in the event of a fire or any other emergency.

The RFID Reader can limit access to equipment and machinery allowing only certain employees access which reduces the risk of equipment and machinery being misused or tampered with. Details of inspections carried out on equipment and machinery are also recorded electronically which reduces the need for paper or user input records which can be inaccurate or misplaced.

KW2D tags

The RFID reader has a range of accessories that are available including:

  • Available with or without a key fob tag holder
  • Key fobs available in 5 different colours
  • ID cards available in white
KW2D Ethernet

An Ethernet port enhances connection compatibility with host devices to reduce the possibility of loss of signal resulting in inaccurate or no data being recorded. Self-diagnostics are also carried out to check the memory status every time the product is switched on for added reliability. This makes the RFID Reader an ideal product for managing the mode of safe operation as specified in the ISO16090.

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