About Us

Established in 2007 by Director Claire Childs, Live Electronics embarked on its journey as an electrical component distributor of high-quality electromechanical components and electronic products tailored for rugged industrial and demanding technical applications. Evolving over the years, we have grown into the leading electronic distributor in the UK. 

We focus on a diverse range of products including switches, joysticks, connectors, LED indicators, industrial controls, sensors, cable assemblies, and acoustic components. Collaborating closely with leading electronics manufacturers, we offer every customer an unparalleled selection of high-quality, innovative, and reliable products at exceptionally competitive prices.  These are backed by unrivalled technical and applications support, with expert advice, practical assistance and fast response. 

Since the foundation of Live Electronics, we have held the belief that a distributor’s role is to enhance and bring value to the supply chain for both end users and component manufacturers. This fundamental principle remains at the core of our philosophy, with exceptional customer service underpinned by superior product choices, value for money, and punctual deliveries. 

The ethos of our small, dedicated team can be encapsulated in one word: quality.  

Our products adhere to the highest standards, verified by industry approvals and our own rigorous quality procedures. Equally crucial, these standards extend to every facet of the service we offer – from initial inquiries and product selection to technical support, order progression, delivery, and aftersales support. Our commitment to quality permeates every interaction, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for our valued customers. 

Begin your journey to electronic product and service excellence with Live Electronics.  Get in touch today.