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Industrial Electronic Enabling Switches

An enabling switch is a physical switch which must be operated prior to a function taking place. All our industrial electronic enabling switches work as live-man switches meaning the circuit is off-on-off, this is the safest method for operating dangerous equipment. If an operator is not pressing the enabling switch the machine is unable to function, once pressed partway the machine will begin to operate. If for any reason the operator releases the enabling switch the machine will stop. Or with the use of a live-man switch if the operator pressed more firmly, due to shock or panic, the machine will also stop.

Enabling Switches and Grips

Enabling Switches and Grips

IDEC enabling switches are all based around the “live man switch” design offering an off-on-off switch. These are perfect for teach pendants and enabling systems where a system can be shut down by either releasing the switch or by pressing the switch more strongly in an emergency situation....

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