Magnetic Power Connectors

Magnetic Power Connectors are an ideal solution for products where the power cables can be pulled, twisted or damaged due to strain placed on the cable. By utilising a strong magnetic field the cable end is held solidly in place to the panel mounted side. The circular, 360° connection allows the safe transfer of 30V at 5A whilst retaining the ability of a quick disconnect in case of emergency or accidental strain on the cable.

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Magnetic Series – Magnetic Connectors

Magnetic Series – Magnetic Connectors

The magnetic connectors by GT Contact are a fantastic solution if you require a 2 contact connector which can be disconnected extremely quickly or used in an area where accidental damage to connectors or cables is likely....

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magnetic Connectors

Magnetic connectors work in the same way as a standard connector, by connecting the positive and negative pins are which creates a circuit. The difference with magnetic connectors is through their use of positive and negative magnets within the connector housing. This attraction of the opposing magnetic force pulls the two connector ends together creating the connection of the pins inside.

Yes, magnetic connectors are one the quickest ways to attach two connections. This is because you only need to place the connectors close enough together and the magnetic force will join the connectors and complete the circuit. Disconnect the connectors is also just as quick as all you need to do is pull the connectors apart.