21st February 2024

Overcoming Uncertainty in Electronics Sourcing

Overcoming Uncertainty in Electronics Sourcing

If you search online for predictions for the electronics sector for 2024 you’ll quickly find all sorts of companies and analysts anticipating the rise of AI, smart homes, robo-taxis, IIoT and a host of other emerging technologies. Depending on the interests of each contributor, you’ll discover that all or any of these technologies may, or may not, drive market growth.  Conversely, a number of commentators are suggesting that we may see a period of market stagnation this year, either in the first six months or possibly right through to 2025. 

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult, especially at a time where geopolitics are becoming increasingly unpredictable, with growing conflict and the possibility of further supply chain disruption around the globe. 

Indeed, this year in particular is fraught with factors that are likely to have significant impacts on market confidence and trading conditions.  For example, the tragic situation in the Middle East is unlikely to improve in the immediate future, while the war in Ukraine rumbles on. Politically, there will be elections in a number of countries, with around 60% of the global population potentially being involved. Some elections, such as the presidential election in Russia are a foregone conclusion, with others in the United States and UK later in the year are less predictable. Whatever the outcomes, it’s safe to say that the level of uncertainty in the market, which will only be exacerbated by issues such as climate change, raw material supplies and skills shortages, are going to make it increasingly difficult for companies to plan effectively for future growth.  

We work at the interface between the manufacturers and consumers of electronic and electromechanical components and devices. That gives us a unique perspective. We know how challenging it can be for our manufacturing partners to plan for market demand, while our close relationship with customers across industry means that we understand their need for predictable and timely supplies of components at stable costs.   

It’s a balancing act for all of us! 

One of our core skills is our ability to help customers minimise uncertainty. We do this, for example, by offering multiple options for as many products as possible. This means that for each order we can normally provide a choice of identical components from different manufacturers. So, if for any reason your first-choice product is unavailable or on a long lead-time, we can offer components that are sufficiently close in terms of specification and performance to meet your immediate design requirements. 

This flexibility allows us to help you find the best solution to your needs, at the optimum lead-time, cost and specification. To help still further, we can also hold stock for specific projects, or offer scheduled orders that match your manufacturing programme. 

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