The benefits of our custom cable assembly service

The benefits of our custom cable assembly service

Published on 26th October 2020 by

Our custom cable assembly service can help companies both large and small create the best products possible while saving on overall costs and decreasing manufacture time.

We have an ongoing partnership with a UK based cable assembly company who we have worked with for many years and who have delivered excellent products time and time again. Thanks to this partnership we are able to offer custom cable assemblies from simple cut and tinned wires through to entire wire harnesses. These can be terminated with a large variety our franchised products such as connectors, switches and LED indicators to create a drop-in cable-component solution.

The main benefits of choosing a custom cable assembly service over off the shelf cables can be broken down into 12 areas.


One of the great parts about creating a custom cable through Live Electronics Ltd is the years of design experience our partners bring. You can utilise this experience to ensure the finished product meets all the specifications you require.


Prototyping of the cable assemblies is a great way to ensure the cables not only meet the theoretical specification but also work well within the products. This is not only from an electrical standpoint but also how the cable fits within the product and how easy the installation is for your engineers.


The accuracy and repeatability of custom cable assemblies are hugely important. We work to ensure that all products ordered through Live Electronics Ltd are not only checked by our partner company but also prior delivery to you.


Having a custom cable assembly means you have the ability to make small changes as required. This can be done for updates to the design of your product or for limited runs which offer a bespoke edge to your products.


We can work with you throughout the entire life cycles of your product by offering small, medium and high quantities of your customised cable(s). This means you will not have to look elsewhere if orders increase or decrease, giving you peace of mind within your supply chain.


A great benefit of having a custom cable assembly created is the ability to customise all the components you require. This means you do not have to compromise on the quality of the cables or added components which may not be available with off the shelf alternatives. This also means you are able to save both time and money by not having to adapt off the shelf cables in-house to meet your expectations.


Rather than purchasing standard cables which would require changes to length and to be terminated in house. You can have a fully completed cable delivered to you ready for installation. This is especially useful if you have connectors or switches which require termination to a cable before installation.


Along with saving time the use of custom cable assemblies also helps with the reduction of waste. Some cables are only available in large reels or standardised lengths, this means you may end up with leftover cables which are not suitable for your needs. This is not only wasted money but also in many cases can have an impact on the environment. By utilising a specialist company these parts can often be used for other projects therefore saving both the wastage of product and cost.


Speaking about costs, custom cable assemblies can help reduce the overall cost of your completed product in two main ways. One, the cost of purchasing the products can in some cases be reduced as you do not have to buy large amounts which would not be used. Secondly, installation time can be greatly reduced by having cables that require no additional alteration and can be created as a drop-in solution.


Custom cable assemblies offer a precise and clean finish to products. By having a cable or wiring harness which is specially designed for your application this can eliminate the need to “hide” cables or have unwanted excess cable within the products making for a cleaner looking finish. It is also possible to have the cables clipped or shrink-wrapped to keep the cables tidy and logos, company branding or serial numbers added.


By using a specialist company you are guaranteed a high level of quality on a consistent basis. Aside from meeting your requirements time and time again, we can also have the cable assemblies 100% tested and reports created for your records. This limits any potential issues that may arise from faulty wiring saving both time and cost in servicing faulty products.

Peace of mind:

By purchasing custom cable assemblies through Live Electronics Ltd you will have a standard lead time for all your cables meaning you can better plan your production runs. We can also offer scheduled drops so you receive the products when you require them and if needed, and within reason, change these dates at very short notice.

As can be seen, the benefits of custom cable assemblies can be wide-ranging. From simply knowing the products will meet your exact specifications and be delivered on time helping planning. Through to help with cable design, the use of higher quality components, and full testing reports. Custom cable assemblies could be the ideal solution to many of your current issues.

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