15th June 2023

New IDEC E-stops boost machine safety

New IDEC E-stops boost machine safety

Safe-Break emergency stops that prioritise safety and minimize risks

We’ve recently introduced the latest range of IDEC X-Series Safe-Break emergency stop buttons.  Designed to offer the highest levels of machine and operator safety, the new E-stops use an innovative design that stops a machine the moment an operator hits the emergency stop button.  The IDEC E-stops will also immediately shut-off power if a contact block or actuator is damaged or incorrectly installed. 

With traditional E-stops normally closed (NC) contacts are held in place by spring pressure.  This effectively maintains them in a closed position until actuated, when the pressure is released.  There is therefore the risk that incorrect installation or excessive force in an emergency can break or dislodge a vital part, preventing the contacts opening; the subsequent results can potentially be catastrophic. 

By comparison, the patented Safe-Break technology deployed in the X-Series effectively reverses the direction of applied energy, with spring-pressure being used to ensure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged, or the contact blocks separate due to excessive force.  This is simple, effective and completely safe. 

X-Series E-stops also feature a combined push-to-lock and pull or turn to reset button.  Competing devices normally only offer one option or the other, meaning that OEMs have to hold more stock and specify alternative parts for different types of machines. 

The X-Series has UL approval.  Depending on the product version, this includes NISD and NISD2 approvals, plus certification for use in machine systems where Category 0 or Category 1 stop functions are required (as defined in ANSI/ NFPA79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery). 

We have a wide range of IDEC E-stops in stock, with non-stock items generally being available on short lead-times.  All products are backed by our comprehensive technical and customer support service.