14th August 2023

Is this the world’s smallest industrial 2-axis Hall Effect joystick?

Is this the world’s smallest industrial 2-axis Hall Effect joystick?


Live Electronics, the specialist distributor of rugged industrial electronics products, has introduced what the company believes is the world’s smallest 2-axis Hall Effect joystickMeasuring just 17.5mm high above panel x 18mm in diameter, the new TS2 joystick is an IP67, analogue self-centring device, which is designed for use with remotely operated equipment, robotics and automation systems, drones and CCTV controllers.  


The TS2 joystick is based on proven Hall Effect technology, providing accurate, easy to control 12-bit resolution in both the X and Y axesThe joystick offers excellent tactile feedback and has been engineered for a minimum of 2.5 million actuationsIt can be supplied with either two open or two gated limiters, a choice of circular convex or concave, castle or flat singleaxis (Y) style caps, and fits a standard 12.6mm panel cut-out with the option of a control-grip mount. 

Read more about The Hall Effect here

The new joystick is rated for a supply voltage of 5V and is available with pre-wired JST 28AWG cable or potted terminations.  Operating temperature is between -40 to +85°C, while the TS2 complies with EN61000 electromagnetic compatibility and SAE J1455 vibration and shock testing standards. 

The TS2 is manufactured in California by Ruffy Controls and is part of the company’s extensive range of industrial miniature and fingertip joysticks and switches.  Live Electronics is the company’s specialised industrial distributor in the UK.