24th February 2021

IDEC S3 Connect Push-In Technology

IDEC S3 Connect Push-In Technology

How much is your time worth?

As the saying goes time is money! So it makes sense that reducing time spent on monotonous jobs such as panel installations can only be a good thing, this is where IDEC’s S3 connect range comes in to play. The S3 connect range, standing for safe, simple and smart, is IDEC’s Push-In terminal technology which covers their E-stops, safety interlocks, CW, YW and HW switches, safety relays and relay sockets.

The benefit of the S3 technology is multifaceted, firstly the time-saving aspect of allowing solid conductors, wire-end ferrules or stranded cable to be simply pushed into the connection saving an estimated 55% on installation time when compared with screw terminations. As someone who spent many hours standing in front of industrial panels with crimpers and a screwdriver, I know how much of a benefit this would have been!.

Secondly is the safety aspect of the S3 system, the push-in terminations guarantee optimal contact security so loose or overtightened connections are no longer an issue. The constant pressure of the termination also makes these the ideal solution for areas with high levels of vibration, which can be found within certain industries and applications.

Thirdly, the high visibility terminal numbering system and design of the IDEC products makes them ideal for reducing space taken up with cable management and allowing for more accurate and quicker troubleshooting when faults occur. Lastly, if any issues were found, the S3 range makes it extremely quick and easy to modify or replace components.

To see more about how the S3 range from IDEC can save you time they have created a video showing the comparison between the S3 system and standard screw terminations, which can be viewed below.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the IDEC S3 system please contact our sales team and we would be more than happy to help.