16th February 2023

Taking the pressure off your electronics supply chain

Taking the pressure off your electronics supply chain

4 ways we can help you source electronic components faster

Like us, you’re probably fed up with negative stories about electronics supply chain disruption and rising component prices.

We all know electronic supply chains have been chaotic since Covid first reared its ugly head.  We know the cost of many electronic components is going up.  These challenges are being felt globally, so there’s not much that as an individual business we can do to change them.

Instead let’s focus on things we can control – things that help take some of the pain out of your electronic supply chain.

Firstly, we’re continuously expanding our product offering.  This includes adding new electronic and electromechanical components.  We’re also bringing on-board a wider range of supply partners, from around the world, for all popular parts.  This means that if we can’t source a standard component easily from one manufacturer, then we can normally offer an alternative brand – one that matches your technical specification and quality standards, but that we can deliver faster.

Next, we’ve a huge choice of product options and configurations.  That means that even if we can’t match your exact specification we’re able to offer an alternative solution.  A typical example is a connector fitted with a 2m cable; if this isn’t readily available we can instead provide the same part with a slightly different cable length.

Similarly, we offer cable assembly, etching and over-moulding services, so we can supply customised parts that help you speed-up sub-assembly sourcing and/or reduce your in-house manufacturing costs.

Lastly, we’re a small, agile team.  We respond quickly to your enquiries.  We’re also straight-talking.  If we can help, we’ll go above and beyond to bring you exactly the products you need as quickly as possible. But if for some reason we’re unable to supply, then we’ll tell you straightaway, so you don’t waste time.

Without doubt, disruption to supply chains is a pain.  Our approach won’t solve all your problems, but it will take away many of the stresses that you find with sourcing electronic and electromechanical products.

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