SF Series - Waterproof Push-Pull Connectors

The SF series of waterproof connectors from Weipu are ruggedly built with push-pull couplings and sealed to IP67. They can be used in-line for a cable to cable connections or for cable to panel-mount connections, with a choice of either end being a male or female connection.

Available for panel cut-outs of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm, from 2 pin to 12 pin gold plated contacts with either solder, crimp or screw style terminations, the SF series offers a variation for nearly every application.

The SF series are perfect for power or data applications including Outdoor Lighting, LED Screens, Outdoor Security Cameras, Solar Energy, Medical Devices, Marine Equipment, Industrial Control Systems.

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The SF series of connectors are high-quality metal waterproof connectors with a push-pull mating style. Sealed to IP67 and with a large choice of sizes and pin layouts, they are ideal for higher-end products such as medical devices, testing and measuring equipment, marine equipment and industrial control systems.

Yes, the SF series of connectors are waterproof to IP67 standards regardless of whether they are panel mounted or used for in-line connections.

SF series connectors are produced by Weipu connectors in China and are sold in the UK by Live Electronics Ltd.

The SF series of connectors are robustly designed and made from Brass with a Chrome Plating which gives them both a solid build quality alongside a high-end aesthetic look. The SF series also has a great tactile feel and positive locking making them ideal for higher-end projects.