25th April 2023

Cut your electronic wiring time in half!

Cut your electronic wiring time in half!

Save time on panel builds and electromechanical assembly

New from Live Electronics is a range of electronic products with innovative push-in connectors.  These cut wiring times by up to 55%, when compared with traditional screw-in devices, making them ideal for the construction of both new and refurbished control panels and machine builds. 

Manufactured by leading electronics company, IDEC, the new push-in products ensure safe and reliable connections, that withstand shock and vibration, yet are quick and simple to release. 

The product range includes Emergency Stops (E-Stops), switches, panel indicators and pilot lights.  In each case, the push-in connector technology uses an internal locking clamp, which engages as soon as a solid cable-end or ferrule is pushed home.  This ensures a secure, tug-resistant connection.  Cable release is achieved by using a small screwdriver blade to depress an isolated push-lock, which compresses the spring clamp and frees the cable.  The process is quick, simple and safe, as the connection and release mechanisms are designed to prevent contact with internal conductive parts. 

No special tools are required, while the push-in connectors can be assembled by technicians regardless of their skill level.  Each product also features simple connectivity test points, which can easily be checked with a standard multimeter. 

The design of the new push-in connectors means that cables are positioned facing away from the panel in which components are being fitted.  This makes it far easier to produce simpler, neater and easier to identify wiring looms. 

Comparison time studies carried out by IDEC, between the new push-in connectors and traditional screw-in devices, show that the new products can be installed up to twice as fast.  Time is saved by the simple push-in action and by eliminating the need for final screw tightening checks. Learn more here.

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