MR50 - Rotary Selector Switch

Product Type: Rotary Switch

Manufacturer: Elma

The MR50 rotary selector switch from Elma is a highly reliable and rugged selector switch offering an IP68 rating in a miniature body of just ½ an inch in diameter.

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The MR50 rotary selector switch from Elma is a highly reliable and rugged selector switch offering an IP68 rating in a miniature body of just ½ an inch in diameter. Available in 10, 12 and 16 selector positions in both shorting and non-shorting modes. The MR50 has a stainless steel 1/8th Inch diameter shaft which will fit a large variety of plastic and metal knobs and offers a choice of 3 or 6Ncm switching torques.

The MR50 has a minimum mechanical rotary life of 20,000 cycles and is electrically rated to 200mA at 28VDC resistive. The internal contacts are also gold plated providing better low voltage connections and the terminations are Nickel-Tin plated allowing be both hand or wave soldering thereby helping to decrease installation time.

Due to its robust nature and operating temperatures of -45°C to +85°C the MR50 is perfect for demanding applications such as: Two Way Radios, Medical and Testing Equipment, Military Targeting Devices, Night Vision Devices and Cockpit Applications in Aviation, Automotive, Marine and Off-Highway Vehicles.

Mechanical Life20,000 Cycles
Number of Positions10, 12, 16
Max Voltage28VDC
Max Current200mA
IP RatingIP60, IP68
Operating Temperature-45°C to +85°C
IP68Shorting16/22.5°3 NcmMR50-A11B-B113
IP68Shorting16/22.5°6 NcmMR50-A11B-D113
IP68Shorting12/30°3 NcmMR50-B11B-B113
IP68Shorting12/30°6 NcmMR50-B11B-D113
IP68Shorting10/36°3 NcmMR50-C11B-B113
IP68Shorting10/36°6 NcmMR50-C11B-D113
IP68Non-shorting16/22.5°3 NcmMR50-A21B-B113
IP68Non-shorting16/22.5°6 NcmMR50-A21B-D113
IP68Non-shorting12/30°3 NcmMR50-B21B-B113
IP68Non-shorting12/30°6 NcmMR50-B21B-D113
IP68Non-shorting10/36°3 NcmMR50-C21B-B113
IP68Non-shorting10/36°6 NcmMR50-C21B-D113


A selector switch works by allowing the actuator to spin around a central point, this actuator has an arm inside the housing which is where the positive part of the circuit is attached. The switch housing also has a number of negative pins protruding from its base which connect to different circuits within the equipment. As the actuator is rotated the positive arm inside is rotated correspondingly and makes a connection with a negative pin completing that circuit. If the actuator continues to rotate this negative pin is disconnected and the next negative pin along is connected completing a different circuit. In this way, a single switch is able to connect multiple different circuits one at a time.

A selector switch is designed to allow a single switch to operate multiple functions on an electronic device. These can be functions such as changing an input selection (microphone 1 to microphone 2), changing a radio frequency (AM, FM, DAB), or controlling the speed of a machine (speed 1, 2, 3, 4 etc).

Selector switches are ideal for applications such as telecommunication equipment, networking systems, audio/video equipment as well as military equipment such as targeting devices and night vision equipment.

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