EcoKit 11R

Product Type: Enclosure

Manufacturer: Elma

The EcoKit 11R from Elma is a cost-effective and versatile 19” subrack designed specifically for railway applications. Guaranteeing reliability, this subrack is a great solution for housing critical electronic components in demanding railway environments.  

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Made to be robust, this subrack is built to withstand the extreme conditions of railway operations. The side panels are constructed from 2mm sheet aluminium, ensuring durability and longevity of the subrack and its contents. 

Providing customisability, this subrack is available with 3U and 6U height and a spacious 84HP (horizonal pitch) width, with other dimensions available upon request. The 19” subrack, with 3mm thick extrusions, provide a secure and adaptable platform for your electronic equipment.  

For added protection and a polished look, the EcoKit 11R comes with an envelope cover that fully encases your equipment, guaranteeing protection for environmental factors and mechanical stress. 

Choose the EcoKit 11R from Elma for your railway, or other demanding application needs and experience a blend of affordability, quality and adaptability. This subrack is made to excel in the most demanding railway environments, providing you with safety and unparalleled performance.  

Height3U. 6U
Depth160mm, 220mm
Materials2mm sheet aluminium