Commercial Overmoulding

Through our UK based partners, we can offer custom commercial overmoulding and PCB encapsulation for a variety of applications. With over 25 years’ experience of cable and connector overmoulding for cable breakouts, ESD suppression devices and for improving rigidity and ruggedness of cable terminations we are able to offer products with exceptional quality.

Alongside basic overmoulding we can offer PCB encapsulation utilising low pressure overmoulding techniques which are more cost effective than potting and allows for the ability to incorporate features such as adding strain relief. These low-pressure mouldings can also be overmoulded to add more protection as well as details such as branding logos or product details.

Due to the advances in technology we can create low-pressure overmoulding using Macromelt materials which are able to bond to PVC, clean steel, solder and other metals. Low pressure overmoulding also offers lower tooling costs compared with standard overmoulding which is more suitable for low and medium product volumes.

Lastly, we can offer injection moulding for connector inserts, crimp housing, covers, caps and many other items. This can include a full service of tool design, SLA (3D Printing) or FDM production grade prototypes, injection moulded parts, assembly of pats and other added value solutions.

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