Commercial Custom Cable Assembly

Working with our UK based partners we can create custom designed cable assemblies or wire harnesses in any configuration that you may require. From simple single cables with connector terminations through to intricate cable harnesses designs incorporating multiple termination styles. Cable assemblies can also include termination overmoulding and PCB encapsulation perfect for the most demanding of applications.

The benefits of having custom cable assemblies are increasingly been utilised by manufacturers and we can help by:

1) Reduce cost through a reduction in labour cost for producing assemblies in house and not requiring the purchase of new equipment.

2) Increase manufacturing speed by having standardised cable layouts, lengths, terminations and labelling.

Our partners always maintaining the highest manufacturing standards, with over 25 years’ experience in cable assemblies we can create high-quality cable assemblies that are in keeping with your products. All cable assemblies manufactured can be 100% or spot tested and inspected with certification provided if required with all manufacturing and testing completed within the UK.