LED Indicators

Working with our business partner Sloan AG we are able to offer industry-leading electro-optical components. With over 30 years of supplying to both military and commercial markets, Sloan AG has developed an extensive range of LED indicator lights and LED modules incorporating a great selection of variations LED Strips including their latest IP68 LED Strip.

Sloan AG’s R & D ability is second to none and has led to the availability of rugged waterproof indicators, shock resistant and vibration-proof indications, ultrabright and sunlight-visible LED indicators, and indicators with viewing angles of more than 180°. If however, your application demands something different Sloan AG’s development department are able to quickly innovate in response to customer-specified criteria. Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your LED indicator requirements.

FPW Series – LED Strips

FPW Series – LED Strips

The FPW series of LED strips from Sloan are 5m long strips with a width of 10mm and 300 LED’s dispersed at 16.7mm intervals. Available in either 12V at 2A or 24V at 1A versions both with a wattage of 4.8W/m in the following colours and brightnesses.......

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